About Tripbrand Technologies

Trip Brands Technology Pvt Ltd (TBT) is a leading travel technology company based in India powers leading hybrid travel companies like BookOtrip.com, BookOtrip.ca, BookOtrip.in, B2btravelagency.com (BTA-India) and Tajtravel.com a leading travel consolidator founded in New Hyde Park, New York in 1980.

Trip Brands Technology Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of Trip Brands LLC, an American multinational travel group focused on establishing suite of brands which will be a paradigm in travel technology.

TBT is a service provider enables its partner travel portals, operators and agencies with real-time information, streamline business processes and management. Offering intelligent and scalable solutions, TBT helps aspiring travel businesses in offering better customer experience and simplify processes. With on-going research and development, Tripbrandstechnology.com is able to develop innovative solutions which are strong and have the capability to change the way people travel. These path breaking solutions help in bringing the best game forward and enhance customer’s travel experience.

TBT has been offering customized and unique solutions to its travel partners, catering to their specific needs and driving business growth. With our scalable technology solutions, we provide reliable and intelligent products that adapt to various processes in the travel domain. This helps established and aspiring travel companies in offering better customer experience and streamline processes.

Offering best-in-class products, services, execution and support, we make sure that we follow the best practices in the travel technology sector and deliver value to our key stakeholders.

With a focused team of tech experts, we are always on the cusp of innovation and fundamentally strong designs. The on-going research, we are able to develop improved product designs, offering unmatched customer experience and a travel experience never enjoyed before. This continues to give us a new-found edge in the travel tech industry, helping us stay ahead in the game.


Our board of directors consists of a unique mix of passionate, high-energy, fiscally conscious, and goal oriented executives,
with the ability to intellectually approach each new challenge with a rare blend of creativity and analytical skills to innovate business strategies that
yield measurable results in defined target markets

Why Us ?

  • Promoters are industry champ and well versed with modern technology
  • Technology front. In-house Technology team -A strong and expertise technology team having combined experience of more than 50 years in developing travel products for various destination channel.
  • Simple interface and processes.
  • Presence in the international business scenario.
  • Attractive brand name and convenient website navigation.
  • Multi country contents and multi product APIs.
  • Highly Customer oriented & Good client support.
What Customers are Saying

The Trip Brands Technology Pvt ltd has been built precisely to our brief and has changed our business in a short span of time. They made all in one platform for us to automate our services to our partners real-time information about the best net and Commissionable published airfares to any destination around the world. They making us enabled to far ahead of the competition when it comes to Low Cost Airlines (LCC). Most of the low cost airlines in the world is not available in the Global Distribution System; TBT have integrated all of them in our platform that allows our trade partners to unlimited exposure to compare, service and maximize their bottom line. Trip Brands Technology Pvt ltd has assumed a noteworthy part in helping us accomplish our business objectives. - B2B Travel Agency India Ltd

Excellent work done by Trip Brands Technology Pvt ltd has done on our website.They took the task and developed an appealing and informative website. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. The designer and developer listened to my thoughts and suggestions and far surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend you to use Trip Brands Technology Pvt ltd to develop your Travel Portal. - By Bookotrip

Incredible work done by Trip Brands Technology Pvt Ltd has done on my website.They took the task and built up an engaging and useful site. - By MD Care

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